Saturday 10. th of June

❤️Better living through stitching together❤️

Today we celebrate the passion for knitting and show it to the world. We wan’t to share the passion and also invite people to join us.
Ii’s not everybody who is so fortunated to have someone to sit together to knit, chat and having a couple of hours together to share the company and the knitting. It’s a human need to be together with others and spending time together sharing the inspiration, the curiosity and the creativity. To have possibility to share yarn and the love of beautyful colours and the story of unfisnihed projects…

That’s why we KNIT IN PUBLIC today!

And we as a community host events all over the WORLD.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the hosts who open their hearts today and invite everyone to join!

Has been the mission for WWKIPDAY from the start and we’ve been on this mission for 18 years now and we will continue!
It has never been more important to help people connect – in the local community and the worldwide community.
KIPS – Knitting-In-Public Events around the world today:
EUROPE: 21 countries
COUNTRIES IN AMERICA: Belize, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, 38 states in United States
PACIFIC OCEAN: 5 regions in Australia, New Zealand
AFRICA: South Africa
ASIA: United Arab Emirates

Join us all around the world

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