World Wide Knit in Public Day

WWKIPDay at Yarns Untangled

Date: June 10, 2017. Time: 12 pm – 8pm

We will meet here:

Yarns Untangled

86 Nassau Street

M5T 1M5 Toronto


We'll be set up on the patio outside!

Description of the KIP:

Our day will be relaxed and loosey goosey. Mostly it's an opportunity to meet with other knitters, have a drink, a snack, and sit and knit (or crochet)! We will be offering free tips and pointers for brand new knitters, so bring your not-yet-knitting friends!

What to bring:
Snacks, sun hats (or umbrellas depending), drinks (alcoholic or regular both welcome).

Backup plan:

We'll snuggle inside if need be, but if there are too many of us, we'll have to take over next door

Is this KIP going to be exclusive to knitting?
Are there any bathrooms nearby?
Yes, Free

This KIP is hosted by: Amelia and Brenna
Number of KIP’s hosted before :-): If stitch nights count, then hundreds and hundreds! This is our first official WWKIPDay KIP though!
Host website:

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