World Wide Knit in Public Day

Knit Us As One

Date: June 9, 2018. Time: 2pm – 6pm

We will meet here:

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

17 South Ave

12508 Beacon

New York
United States

South Avenue is close to Main Street and 9D, down the street from Bank Square Coffee House. Parking on street and in lot behind the church.

Description of the KIP:

Rain or shine, outdoor space in small plaza and inside space with bathrooms. Theme will focus on 'yarn bombing' with a visit (voluntarily) to the local gathering of 'resist' near visitor's center. Learn about 'yarn bombing' and make a small project using materials/instructions provided for those attending the event. This is the third year of participation — first year we made a sculpture (St. Andie) and second year we knit cotton washcloths to give away in food pantry. This year, learn how to knit for a cause; wear your pussy hat (optional) & learn how to make one.

What to bring:
There are chairs, but you can bring your own for outdoor seating. Bring any drinks or food you may require. Some beverages and light snack will be available. Bring personal projects, yarn, needles.

Backup plan:

We are set for rain or shine. Comfortable space. Nice group of people.

Is this KIP going to be exclusive to knitting?
Are there any bathrooms nearby?
Yes, Free

This KIP is hosted by: Dr. Nadine Revheim
Number of KIP’s hosted before :-): Third year: first 2016, second 2017!
Host website:

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