I have made this “How to Host a KIP”- page for those of you who don’t know how to get started…and maybe World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIPDAY) it’s all new to you and you just recently heard of this day from our facebook-community and…now you just wait to the registration to open ..well here is what you can think about and maybe prepare while you wait:

Where to host the KIP

Figure out the best location for your KIP event

Find a public place
Check with the local authorities about permission to set up in a park, square or on a sidewalk. To do this, go first to your town council building, the attendants there should be able to direct you to the right office. Have with you a piece of paper that details your proposed plans that you can give the person in charge. Once they grant permission, make sure that you have it in writing to show any police officer who’s curious on the day of the event. (This is probably only necessary if you plan to host a big event…but be sure to have permission to host the event the place you choose)

A cafe which is easy to find
If you want to sit on a cafe with your fellow knitters, then find the best location, easy to find, good tables and maybe good coffee. (When talking to them, give them a number estimate for people, unless you already know – around 10 is a good starting number.) Once you have the owner/manager’s permission, put it in writing, and take the paper with you on the event day in case they’re not there.

Think about a backup plan
Put together an indoor back up plan in case the weather goes sour. For some countries it’s more relevant than others…

Who will come to my KIP…?

If you are uncomfortable sitting alone and knit..just kidding…of course you will have some guest to your KIP! 🙂

You can start to invite your friends..maybe they wan’t to learn to knit or they’ve knitted in years. Maybe your colleagues from work have a passion for other fibre activities..and often it’s easier to have people to join if they can bring their kids. You decide what kind of KIP you want to host. A poster in your local Yarn shop will give you a possibility to meet knitters from your local area. (When you register you will receive an e-mail with links to fliers etc.)
And on your KIP event page posted on this website, it’ll be possible for visitors to sign-up to your KIP.

What to do on the day

You can sit on blankets and knit, you can knit for charity, you can walk and knit, you can make a Yarn swap, make a beginners class, learn the children how to knit etc. It’s up to you how to spend the day..

  • After the registration you will receive an e-mail with links to fliers, press matreiel for your local newspaper. In this e-mail you also will get your KIPnr. If you need to make changes to your KIP, change location, time etc. you have to send an e-mail with your changes to hosting ( a) wwkipday.com..and then I will do the changes for you.

Now you have an idea of how and what to do if you want to be a KIP host..if you have any questions please send me an e-mail – knit (a) wwkipday.com…and I’ll get back to you 🙂

I wan’t to know MORE about WWKIPDAY..  – >Read the FAQ’s here

I am ready to register my KIP now ->