World Wide Knit in Public Day

Chicks with Stix

Date: June 10, 2017. Time: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

We will meet here:

Garrison Day

Central Park of Beaver

15009 Beaver

United States

Our Booth is part of Garrison Day, which is in the main Park on the 3rd Street of Beaver, PA

Description of the KIP:

Chicks with Stix , a group of knitting and crocheting women, will be part of Garrison Day, which brings an average of 10,000 through this one day event on June 10, 2017. Chicks with Stix will have a booth, and will be knitting and crocheting, socializing, and sharing the love of both knitting and crocheting, working to spread the word and even teach some basic stitches to passers by. We will share that is is World Wide Knit in Public day with a big sign and lots of talking it up!

What to bring:
Water, snacks, 10×10 canopy, chairs, umbrellas, and our fiber and stix! : )

Backup plan:
We have a canopy, and we are part of a larger event, so we have no backup plan, as the show must go on!

Is this KIP going to be exclusive to knitting?
Are there any bathrooms nearby?
Yes, Free

This KIP is hosted by: Megan Grabski
Number of KIP’s hosted before :-): First Time : )
Host website:

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